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Leverage iovation’s deep authentication and fraud detection expertise to protect your customers at login and beyond.

Protect your financial service organization’s brand against the persistent attempts of fraudsters to mask their identities, pose as your good customers, and siphon off cash and services. Build customer confidence with strong account protection, winning business through a streamlined user experience for good customers.

Fraud detection and prevention services for banks and financial institutions must provide a unified approach across all lines of business including retail, card and commercial, while simultaneously preserving the customer experience and improving profitability. As it relates to the online channel, financial institutions need customer-friendly technology that provides protection for their online portals at login, as well as account and transaction creation associated with the entire suite of products and services that they offer.

Perhaps no single threat jeopardizes banking relationships with their customers more than account takeover fraud and the subsequent fraudulent transactions and identity theft that accompanies it. Having the ability to identify suspicious logins and prevent high-risk transactions helps protect customers and their accounts before losses occur. Preventing unauthorized account access also helps keep personal data safe from being used to create synthetic accounts and ensures funds are delivered where and when they were intended. Because of the severity of these types of incidents, banks are placing an emphasis on fraud prevention as opposed to after-the-fact detection. 

iovation offers authentication and fraud prevention solutions for the banking and financial services industry based on powerful rules engines, machine learning, deep fraud intelligence and industry-leading device recognition technology. Add multifactor authentication (MFA) to provide stronger security that delights customers with a seamless omnichannel experience.

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Hedging Your Bets: Why Top FI’s are Investing in Machine Learning

Effective fraud prevention is increasingly a competitive issue for banks and financial institutions. Early adopters of advanced analytics are able to increase their fraud detection, and the associated improvements to the customer experience give them a decided edge over their competitors that lag in these investments. Watch this webinar with Julie Conroy of Aite Group and Michael Thelander of iovation to hear recommendations for banks and financial institutions, as they are evaluating their machine learning investments.

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