Aite Group’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) Research Report, commissioned by iovation, a TransUnion Company, provides an in-depth analysis of how those in the payment services and e-commerce market should prepare to handle the new strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements under PSD2.

See the results of the actual market status in Europe regarding the main changes that PSD2 will bring to the e-commerce payments market.

This complimentary, custom report, PSD2: Advent of the New Payments Market in Europe, will teach you what Aite Group concluded after interviewing 20 payments executives from European banks, other PSPs, merchants, payment networks and industry experts.

The report will address:

  • The impact of PSD2, highlighting the priorities that organizations have yet to manage the transition to the new world after PSD2.
  • How organizations seek to implement the requirements for secure customer authentication (SCA) and minimize the impact on customer experience.
  • An analysis of the potential of payment innovation and open banking as a result of PSD2.

Want more? Check out our PSD2: The Advent of The New Payments Market in Europe webinar, where we will go more in-depth on the key themes.