We bring proven results to the table.

Prevent losses and theft, while welcoming new customers and giving returning ones a streamlined and friendly experience.

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85% of retail customers who experienced new account fraud saw ROI within 3 months.

Source: TechValidate

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91% of surveyed customers are likely to recommend us.

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97% of banking and financial services customers saw ROI within 1 year.

Source: TechValidate

We help you stop application fraud and make opening new accounts easier.

We know your business, and have designed solutions that answer your most troubling issues with fraud and authentication.

  • Welcome good customers, block ATOs.

    Customers register their devices when they first apply. Every time they return, their device will be recognized and they’ll be authenticated immediately. Using relevant and timely reports from our device reputation database, questionable devices can be stopped from creating accounts in the first place.

  • Keep your call center protected against spoofing and fraud.

    Your call center agents can validate new customers through your mobile app. Our multifactor authentication will identify and block fakers and fraudsters, in real time.

  • Maximize SCA exemptions and offer easy and effortless authentication.

    We’ll help you achieve low reference fraud rates, maximize your SCA exemptions and provide an extremely friendly customer authentication experience for transactions still subject to SCA.

  • Offer better functionality and easier interactions.

    We built our solutions to greatly improve customer engagement, which helps your customers build trust in your business and increases loyalty. You’ll be reduce your losses from fraud at the same time.

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Since we deployed iovation, we have not experienced fraud losses resulting from a credit card application that was flagged by iovation.

Cristina Koder Check Fraud Operations Supervisor

Keep customers safe, and stop fraud in real time.

Satisfy regulatory mandates while catching fraud, easing authentication and providing a great customer experience.

Provide easy login and authentication while preventing:

  • New account fraud
  • Counterfeit cards
  • Call center fraud
  • ATO attacks
  • True and synthetic identity fraud
  • False declines

Trusted by some of the biggest names in credit card issuance.