We bring proven results to the table.

Your customers demand a reliable, seamless experience on any device. We ensure their authentication is easy and flawless, while protecting you from application fraud and account takeover.

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98% of new customers saw ROI within 1 year.

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91% of surveyed customers are likely to recommend us.

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80% of financial services customers are confident that we are protecting their businesses against fraud.

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Whatever the need or challenge, we have a solution.

We understand retail banking, who the fraudsters are and how to stop them using patented technology, specific solutions and a community of experts ready to help.

  • Prevent account takeovers.

    Your customers register their devices, which are immediately recognized on subsequent visits. Need stronger authentication and fraud checks for riskier transactions? Apply risk appropriate authentication at any point during the customer journey.

  • Make banking easier for online customers.

    Customers need only register a device once, after that it’s recognized and immediately authenticated on every channel; web, mobile and app. So much easier than usernames, passwords and security questions.

  • Stop application fraud.

    Our database of over 5 billion devices helps us analyze thousands of variables in device attributes to recognize every visiting device. Those with bad reputations, and others associated with them are blocked from creating new accounts, in real time.

  • Strengthen and streamline call center banking.

    Our multifactor authentication allows your call center agents to quickly authenticate callers through your mobile app, before providing service. This eliminates risk of being spoofed or manipulated by fraudsters.

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As soon as we began to consider device recognition technology to stop this fraud ring, iovation was at the top of our list. Among lenders, iovation has a reputation as a market leader. I knew I needed iovation’s help.

Eddie Vaughan UK Fraud & Financial Crime Manager, Ikano Bank

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