Account takeover. Synthetic identities. The security risks that financial services and online merchants face are endless, and the fraud landscape is changing dramatically. You not only need to be aware of how it’s evolving, but how to address these threats, protect your customers and your brand. iovation has analyzed data from our consortium made up of six billion devices seen, 55 million fraud reports, and thousands of fraud analysts to determine the most significant fraud trends and what you can do to combat them.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How stolen credentials are fueling the growth of financial fraud and the many ways that fraud is being perpetrated
  • How to combat fraud without sacrificing the customer experience
  • How businesses can work together to share threat intelligence and combat fraud

As a leader in fraud prevention for financial services, we have a unique view to share that’s based on over a decade of experience in stopping fraud and abuse. We are proud to share those learnings with you in this report.

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